What is the Best SIM Card for a GPS Tracker in the UK?

Are you in the UK and looking for the best SIM card for a GPS tracker? Most GPS trackers need a SIM card to work, but don’t worry – you don’t need a mobile phone contract! A simple pay as you go SIM card is enough!

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Best SIM Card for GPS Tracker in the UK

Vodafone have created a Smart SIM (also known as the V-SIM) which works with GPS connected tracking devices. It is currently compatible with a range of devices including vehicle trackers, pet trackers, cameras, smart watches and smart home kits.

The SIM card will connect your device to the Internet over the trusted Vodafone network. Vodafone have a Smart App (known as the V-by Vodafone App) which allows you to connect and manage all of your smart devices from your phone!

Vodafone Smart SIM Card, Works with selected GPS Connected Trackers, Smart Watches, Smart Home Kits, Smart Cameras. Sim does not work for phone or tablets. Subscription Required.
  • Vodafone Smart SIM connects smart tech devices to the global Vodafone network, including smart cameras, smart watches, smart home devices and GPS trackers

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Using the Vodafone SIM card removes the need for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you’ll never be charged more than £3-£5 per month!

When you have connected all your devices together using GPS you will be able to follow your pets, track your bags, monitor CCTV in your home, as well as track a vehicle or vulnerable person.

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Devices that Can be Connected Via GPS

Last update on 2024-06-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Devices that are Compatible with the Vodafone Smart SIM

Vehicle Trackers

  • LESHP car tracker
  • Mictrack 3G MT500
  • Mictrack 4G MT500G
  • Mictrack 4G MT600
  • Mictrack MT600E
  • Mictrack 3G MT510
  • Mictrack 3G MT510G
  • Concox AT4
  • Myki Magnetic Vehicle tracker
  • Sherlock bike tracker
  • TK200A Long Standby GPS Tracker
  • XC Source GPS303 tracker


Pet Trackers

  • Minkoo / LangMao pet tracker
  • TKStar pet tracker
  • Zicoway Z01 pet tracker
  • Z8-A pet tracker

Other Devices

FAQs on Using a SIM Card for a GPS Tracker

What SIM card do i need for GPS tracker?

A simple pay as you go SIM card will be enough for a GPS device to work. It can be from any normal SIM provider, and is no different than the SIMs for mobile phones. 

How does a GPS tracker work with a SIM card?

With the Vodafone SIM card that we recommend simply open the Vodafone Smartapp once you have put the SIM card into your smart device. You will then be guided through instructions to activate your device.


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Best SIM Card for GPS Tracker UK

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